Where to find electricity in public areas

In sad weather days it could be that your sun panels are not generating enough energy, what to do? Logically you just stop using electricity and wait or go to a camping and pay in between 10 and 20 euros a night. But before you do these options, check around if you have any of the following spots around you, they might have some free to use power sockets;

Construction sights

Power socket points are scattered all around construction sights. Find them by looking for these:

  • Lunch containers
    These are the containers where the construction workers have their breaks. These containers sometimes have electricity outlets on the outside.
  • Cable-reels
    For electric tools cable-reels are placed everywhere on the construction sight. They are most likely covered with a sheet or bucket to protect them from the rain.
  • Inside the construction building
    The power sockets inside the building being constructed are maybe already active.

Make sure you ask permission from the projectleader before using any sockets on the construction site.

Abandoned hangars/buildings

Not only a nice spot but also the possibility of a free power source! Abandoned buildings are everywhere and sometimes still have electricity.

Also for this you should ask permission from the owner

Football fields

Football fields are a little bit harder to get power from, because the sockets often are not close to the road. Most of the time they’re on the building around them like the dressing room, tribune or the lunchroom.
So you won’t be able to charge you interior battery with it, but if its nice weather you can hang around the socket for half a day to charge all your electronics.

Shopping centres

Inside shopping centres you can find sitting areas with power sockets and sometimes free wifi. Not a good place to charge your interior battery, but a good spot at cold days to work and charge your electronics!

Park4night free camper spots

On the app Park4night you can find camper spots that provide electricity. The electricity is sometimes free in cold seasons. These camper spots have more other handy facilities like watertabs and the possibility to dump your gray water.

Keep the engine running for 1 hour

If your interior battery is empty, and you can’t find any of the options above, you can just turn on the van and let the engine run for an hour. Most campers have a relay that charges the interior battery when the car battery is full. Running the engine for one hour will charge the interior battery a bit, but yeah, sitting in a camper with a running engine is not really comfy. This is why we ourself only do this as a last resort.

Don’t you have a relay installed in your van? No worries we got you!

How to: Install a relay to charge the battery