Water – Must have!

Getting water is easy… with the right tools, it’s easier! To best shorten the duration of this task, you need to equip yourself a little. After several years of leading this life, I think I can give you a detailed list of all the equipment necessary to stock up in all circumstances in a motorhome, van or converted truck!


An expandable hose

The basic. A hose is super necessary to fill your water up. One end in the van, the other attached to the tap, and presto we wait! To save space, I advise you to buy a hose thats extendable. Mine is 20 meters in use, and I have never run out of length even though I get water in places not necessarily intended for tanking water. These hoses have the feature of growing both in length and in diameter under the effect of pressure, to extend up to 10 additional meters in use! It is a significant space saving in our tiny houses


The pipe that I have been using for 3 years

The seller offers 6 sizes, ranging from 2.5m to 15m. In use, the length of the pipe is multiplied by 3! Colors available in orange or black, and multi-jet hand shower included for those hot summer nights.


Second essential element that goes with the hose: the fittings. These small tap nozzle that are clipped onto the hose to connect it to the tap. There are few different diameters. We have a small collection and so far we have always had the right nozzle! Fortunately, it doesn’t cost much and it doesn’t take up space.

I once received a piece of advice that I always follow: As soon as you’re in a store or garden center, find the tip you don’t have and buy it! A euro is well worth the thirty minutes wasted spent filling your van with a jerrycan for lack of a suitable nozzle.

So, here is my collection! It consists of 7 elements, which in my opinion are sufficient to overcome any situation:

  1. A hand shower, practical for the summer!
  2. One male quick connector
  3. A female quick connector
  4. A universal tap connector
  5. A 3/4 ″ fitting
  6. A 1/2 ″ fitting
  7. A 1 ″ fitting



Set of 6 brass fittings

After hours of research, I finally found a lot of compatible fittings! It includes the 6 nozzles of my collection that I quote above. In addition, they are made of brass: one point less for plastic!


One or more water cans

Fallback solution for cases where you cannot refuel using the hose: water cans. I recommend having as many as there are people living in the van if there is enough space! With many, tanking water always goes faster. Water cans also have the advantage being able to store more water than your tank allows!

There are all kinds and sizes. Several tips:

  • Take a liter adapted to your strength : I have a 20L jerrycan and I have difficulty lifting it. I much prefer a 10L, much easier to transport and lift! I prefer to put all the chances on my side to have a healthy back in a few years.
  • Choose a plastic suitable for food contact : this is often the case, but it is to be specified
  • Make sure the shape of the tank is convenient
  • Choose a hard plastic : at the beginning, I chose soft plastic jerry cans. Save space, I said to myself. Only, once full, this jerry can take up as much space as a hard jerry can. And besides, it’s not nice when it explodes in the hold! For these reasons I strongly advise against this option, which is neither practical to use nor durable.
  • If you have back problems : think of jerry cans on wheels or foldable hand trucks, which will save you from carrying jerry cans!


The Yellowvanlife selection

5 liters jerrycan

A small 5 liters jerrycan suitable for food use, perfectly suited for supplementing drinking water or for involving children in the task! In addition, there is a stopper-tap version, available here
10 liters jerrycan

A 10 liters jerrycan is the one I personally prefer to use. It takes me 10 trips to fill my 100 liter tank, but at least I'm saving my back! Like the 5 liter, the version with stopper-tap is available at the same price here
20 liter jerry can

The 20 liters jerrycan is more for those in good physical condition. I personally manage to lift it up to the cup, but I am sweating. Probably a good reason to start working out! This jerrycan is also available in a stopper-tap version here !
The foldable hand truck, for maximum comfort!

The foldable hand truck is the perfect tool for those who want to protect their back in all circumstances. This one is foldable, climbs the stairs and is super sturdy! In addition, it can be used as a shopping cart!

A funnel

A funnel may be more than necessary if you need to refuel from a water can and your filler cup is straight, like mine. This type of water hole is impractical, because it is almost impossible to fill the tank without an angled funnel! I do not regret this purchase because it is also very practical when I have to refuel the water can when a water tab is not practically positioned. Indeed, sometimes the taps are explosive, the pressure is far too strong to be able to target the small opening of the water can. In these cases, the angled funnel is super practical! It allows not to come out of there soaked and not to waste water.

 An angled funnel, available in yellow!

Well, I admit that I selected this one in part because it is available in yellow. But also, know that it is interesting to take funnels normally intended for transferring car oil, because they are equipped with a small filter! This is the case with this product.

A surface pump

Product intended for frequent travelers thirsting for autonomy but who value their comfort: the surface pump. It is a mobile pump that can pump water from a well / river / lake or any water source. All you need to do is connect two pipes: one side goes into the source and will draw water, the other side goes into the vehicle and will fill your tank. This small machine needs to be connected to electricity, but it is in 12V!

12v surface 
pump This pump is capable of pumping 10L per minute, weighs 2.4kg and its dimensions are 20 by 8 cm. A small piece of equipment ideal for frequent travelers!

A little more powerful 12V surface pump A little more powerful, this pump goes up 11.3L per minute. It is lighter: 2.28kg, but it is however bigger: 27 by 15 cm. A good compromise if you have a little more storage space and sufficient energy (because who says more powerful means more Watts!)
600W pump, for those who have the energy and the space 
Cheaper than the previous ones, yet it is the top of the surface pump! It pumps 60L per minute. The inconvenients? It weighs 10kg, measures 37 by 30 centimeters and requires 600W in consumption. This pump therefore requires a large-scale electrical installation!

You are now ready to refuel!