About us

For years now we’ve been living in our little camper, wildcamping everywhere – mainly in Europe. We’d like to share our knowledge & experience about the vanlife with others. That’s why we came up with the idea to make a website about the vanlife. We want it to become the ultimate guide of the vanlife, were people can find all the informations they need for free.

The name of the website is related to our wish to paint the front of our camper yellow. Because Yellow is the color of joy, of happiness and of the sun… and we think it fits really well the life we are living in this camper. We are literally living the yellow van life! This wish explains why we choose to add some ads to the website. We hope to get a little bit of money from them, helping us to paint our camper yellow.

If you want to know more about why we choose to live this life and how we did it, you can check the two articles we made about our personnal story in the inspiration section. Because yes, we were already living in a van before we choose to buy one together.
Thank you for visiting and we hope you found what you needed on our website!

Did you know yellow contribute to your happiness? Paint a wall yellow, in your camper or your house, to increase the joy level by 100%!