3 ways to get clean water on the road

Purifying water in a motorhome? For some it does not seem necessary but for others it’s a must. In a recreational vehicle water is used in the kitchen, bathroom, cleaning and drinking. Although these first three functions do not require potable water (but is preferred), the water that you’ll drink must be potable.

To have safe water in a motorhome, you have 3 options: buy drinking water, find drinking water or make the water drinkable.


Buying drinking water: bottled water

The question of water in a motorhome finds its answer qualified by several factors, such as your habits or your beliefs about tap or bottled water. Not being a scientist, I cannot refute or agree with your beliefs about the quality of tap water or the benefits of bottled water (at least in Europe).

Expensive, bulky, heavy, not very green… The list of disadvantages linked to the purchase of plastic bottles is long. Ultimately, only the belief (founded or not – this is another debate) of the superior quality of bottled water can be the reason for the purchase.

Therefore, if you are one of those who believe in the benefits of bottled water, I invite you to read the third part of this article intended for purification. Of course, if you drink table or spring water, this solution might be suitable for you as well.


For consumers of mineral water, did you know that it is possible to mineralize any water yourself ? Overall, there are solutions for all tastes (everyone now knows it is possible to create sparkling water at home, for bubble lovers!)


Finding drinking water: tap water

The alternative to buying drinking water goes without saying: tap water.

In Europe, the water distributed via public taps is controlled and subject to specific standards. In addition, the European Union revises these standards upwards on a regular basis and aims to harmonize these rules across Europe. The quality of water in Europe is therefore generally good. Thus, most of the time, it seems it is not necessary to inquire about the quality before drinking it (for the careless ones among us).

If despite everything the quality of tap water is important to you, know that all countries with a functional water distribution and sanitation service publish water analysis data. For example in France, the government offers an interactive map allowing you to check the quality of drinking water by municipality . Water analysis data for the city where you are located is usually easily accessible on the internet.

Globally, the Center for Disease Prevention and Control has drawn up a list of countries where it is good to drink tap water versus those for which it is better to buy or purify water. This organization collects various and varied technical information for each country in the world. A tool is available to easily find this information on the CDC website .

Overall, the tap water alternative is excellent due to its reliability and cost, cost that is 200 to 300 times lower than that of bottled water. However, researching water quality can seem overwhelming, especially for frequent travelers who are on the move every day.

The answer to this problem is quite simple: water purification.


Making water drinkable: any water!

Having control over the purity of the water in your vehicle is an increasingly accessible luxury. Many solutions are available within all budgets! The solutions cost from 0 to several hundred euros. Some solutions are more than adapted to life in a van because they do not take up a lot of space, while others do not even require electricity!

The question of drinking water and water purification in a converted vehicle is so vast that I have devoted an article to it available here.